Jay Biggz, TDexter, and LK

Jay Biggz, TDexter, and LK
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to Work...

What up fam!!! Back in the building...I know it's late (mid-year) but u already know what it been.  It's the kid, Jay Biggz checkin back in.  Shout out to everybody who supported "A Prelude to Sunset"...real hip-hop music still exists.  Shout out to my team ESR and my crew The Jooks.  The year been a lil rough, I took some time off to deal with family matters and personal issues, but I'm back.  ST aint dead.  With that being said, Tilden been doing his thing with his "Renditions" CD (my bad y'all...I aint get the verse in before the deadline....*shrugs* IOU), and I been talking to L, and it look like it's about that time we go back in, ya know...ST2.  All new album, all new material, so I'm gonna be a all new Biggz this time.  Y'all gon see....you can't be a freshman ya whole life, and eventually you become a senior and prepare to transition.  That's the stage I'm in working on these new tracks...let's take it back to when hip-hop made people think about more than just dollars and scents, lol j/p...but nah i'm serious tho.  We gonna give y'all a whole new ST, deeper concepts, and of course sharp lines...no cornball pop Jive Records-sounding stuff.  Be on the look out cuz we coming soon with ST2...

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