Jay Biggz, TDexter, and LK

Jay Biggz, TDexter, and LK
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Friday, October 23, 2009


Sunset Terr :: A Prelude to Sunset Terr :: Nightbreed Entertainment
as reviewed by Eric Sirota
Throughout Sunset Terr's debut, "A Prelude to Sunset Terr," this DC Metro hip-hop foursome, comprised of producer/rapper LK and MCs Tilden, Dexter, Jay Biggz, and Aapex, brag about the fact that they don't curse. I don't think anything is wrong with cursing. I fucking curse all the time. For no reason. Cock. Nothing's wrong with swearing. And usually, I wouldn't take well to this sort of petty moralizing. Just last week, I panned Khalil's debut for its self-righteous piety. The point is, I should hate this album.
But I don't hate this album. I like this album. A lot. While I usually am not so into MCs that mostly rap about rapping and how they are much better and nicer and smarter rappers than everyone else, there are a few things about "Prelude" that get me past this b-boy posturing to the point that I actually find it charming.
The first thing that makes "PST" more than a typical album is the production. If you locked Danger Mouse, Prince Paul, El-P and the Postal Service in a room together, the result would sound something like this record. MORE


Monday, October 19, 2009

Music Monday

What Up, world!!!! U already know who...back up in the studio working on some more
cooked up rawness...u know propane piff, lol. Its what I do. Got my dude Santos the Dark
One and his set of Dark Saga tracks on deck featuring yours truly...I think we lookin like we
gonna have that out by November, ya kno, so make sure u look out for him and his mixtape.
My tape, "BlueCard Series Vol. 1" is definitely getting it in around the DMV...Im sittin on about
100 downloads and a handful of burned disks I personally made for people, so yeah I got you
if u need that, fa sho. I just wrapped up a verse for this new banger for Sunset Terrace called
"4 the Win", ya kno...Y'all dudes is for the swindle, my dudes is for the win, LOL, so that is
being mixed up and sent up for the homie D-Element's mixed collection project coming soon!!!
Y'all can catch me on the lead single for that, "See Thru" with the kid HP and in the video:


We doing a lot over here, but trust and believe we aint bs'ing none of it, ya kno...But yeah, lemme
get back 2 work on these tracks, ya dig...Me and my fam at Mu Mag Entertainment is in talks for
lining up a interview in the near future, u know, once my schedule permits a lil, lol...But yeah, get at
me with beat inquiries, guest spots, etc. all that....EASY.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yo. Don't forget to subscribe

Yo. Don't forget to subscribe to this blog and the Sunset Terrace feed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Im goin in!!!!

Ay what it is, y'all...Jay Biggz AKA Biggzy Crosby the Man of a Million Punchlines LOL!!! Yo, update:
Y'all see we launched the new video for "Where U At?" featuring the homie Aapex...go 2 our youtube
and check that out too:


U already know we live from the hood, the city and erywhere in between on that joint...Shoutout 2
Heads Up Barbershop and VS clothing for they cameo appearances.  Currently, Im back in the booth
recording for my partner-in-rhyme, Santos the Dark One's upcoming mixtape.  I just finished a song
with my girl CeCe (AKA CeCe F. Baby lol) called "Got Your Radio On", written by Eva Rivera-Ferrell,
ya kno...y'all can check that out on Eva's or CeCe's myspaces:


And yeah, my solo mixtape is in full effect..."BlueCard Series Vol. 1: the Re-Liberation":


Download that pro bono!!! Guest appearances include: HP, Santos the Dark One, Vega Shoshana,
Rugged Soulz, G-Visionz, Kay B of Qwestland Productions, and more!!!  Shoutout to Lil Spenna of M.O.E.
Ent. on the boards, and DJ Magnificent Beats of Eazy Street Records for creative direction.    

For all inquiries on collabing with me or my folks, holla at me directly either thru my Yahoo e-mail,
ceojayroenterprises@yahoo.com or call me direct at 240-988-6308... AND YES THIS IS MY NUMBER,
SO TREAT IT AS SUCH, ya kno... Until next time, EASY!!!!


Friday, October 9, 2009

What up

What up, y'all...Jay Biggz AKA Jay B-Eazy AKA Biggzy Crosby, lol. If u aint done so, go cop that Sunset Terrace debut, "A Prelude to Sunset" out now on www.cdbaby.com/cd/sunsetterr or amazon.com Search: Sunset Terr Right now, we doing a lot of things 2 promote the project...Of course we got the "PIFF" video out now, LK just did the lil quickie for "2 Step"....We bout wrapped up with the "Where U At?" video and it should be out Oct. 12th according to my sources...y'all know what it is. A lot of ppl been askin bout that, my apologies for the wait...no excuses or none of that, just been tryin 2 make it less bs, more "professional", ya kno... More videos is coming tho!!!! Y'all popular demand song, "Mic Check" is s'posed to get 1...u know how I do, anything 4 the ppl. Make sure y'all followin on twitter:
Jay Biggz: www.twitter.com/JayBiggz (put the kids 2 bed, lol)
Y'all check that out and talk 2 me cuz I do talk back!!!
B Eazy!!!

Mic Check

"In My City" by LK

"Where You At"



"2 Step Vibe"

"The Booom Rocks"